Guide to Hiking Mount Bromo East Java

Hiking Mount Bromo which stands tall at 2329 m is the most iconic and the most hiked mountain in Indonesia. This is among the top 10 things to do in Java and rightly so. The mountain beckons majestically despite having the entire top blown off and with a crater inside that keeps spewing off-white sulphurous smoke.
Mount Bromo is still possibly the most active volcanoes in the world and there are areas which are blocked off from tourists because of its imminent threat. It sits inside the massive Tengger caldera (volcanic crater with a diameter roughly 10km), encompassed by the Laut Pasir (sea of sand) of sand that is fine. Following an easy hike, travellers are awarded a stunning and ethereal landscape during the sunrise.

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Why go
To be awe in nature’s best combination of beauty and danger, an active volcano which may be so foreboding and lively yet so beautiful. The opinion itself is nearly from this world and be the reason to go there!
When is the optimum time to go
June — August where there’s less rain but more tourists. August is also the month to get the Kesada / Kesodo festival for the Tengger folks if you’re interested.
But that being said, Indonesia being a fairly mild weather of just rain and shine, anytime is a fantastic time to go Mount Bromo, only check out for local weather when you’re there for the best clear sky for your sunrise experience. If you don’t have several days then hope for the best when you’re there.
What to do
Hike up Mount Penanjakan in time to catch the sunrise over Mount Bromo. It can take about 1-2 hours hike to the first vantage point. Sun rises at 5.30am, therefore generally you’ve to plan when to start hiking dependant upon your level of fitness. Maps and info can be readily and easily available at among the numerous official locations. An extra suggestion is that you might want to hike earlier to prevent the audience and get a fantastic spot as you might discover many folks crowding the vantage point to observe the sun rising over Mount Bromo. In case you’ve the energy and time, there’s another less-crowded vantage point higher up with an unobstructed view of the sunrise. Find and scale the slope behind the shelter to get at the higher level land.
Trek down Mount Penanjakan and up to Mount Bromo summit. Here you are able to trek down and then around 3km sand of sea and following that up to summit the caldera of Mount Bromo. It can take about 1-2 hours again dependant upon your level of fitness.